Is Sitting at Work Killing You?

Is Sitting at Work Killing You? Don’t Neglect Your Health In today's modern world, where technology dominates and desk jobs are ubiquitous, the seemingly harmless act of sitting has emerged as a silent killer. Contrary to popular belief, the threat posed by your office chair extends far beyond occasional discomfort; it encompasses a myriad of health risks that can significantly

Modernize Your Office Space

Modernize Your Office Space In light of the popular demands for going back to work, experts advise making sure your workstation is worth the trip. This is how that could appear. The global shift brought by the pandemic has not just redefined our work lives; it’s sparked a revolution in how employers view the traditional office space. This transformation marks

Revamping the Legal Industry

Revamping the Legal Industry 7 Key Changes to Workspace Design and Usage The workspace is undergoing significant changes in how it approaches workspace design and usage. At Brigholme has committed to revamping the legal industry, one space at a time. Here are seven key points to consider: 1. There is a shift away from traditional ideals and ways of working towards

Benefits of Returning to the Office

Benefits of Returning to the Office Coming Back to the Office that Fits the Modern Canadian Employee Many Canadian companies are just starting to plan their return to the office. While remote work has its benefits, there’s no denying that being in the office with your team has a unique set of advantages that can’t be replicated virtually. As employees