Effortless Cable Management

Effortless Cable Management

At the forefront of innovation, Connectrac leads the market with its cutting-edge floor-based cable management solutions. These solutions revolutionize the way power and data are distributed within commercial spaces. Offering unparalleled flexibility and seamless integration, Connectrac ensures optimal connectivity without compromising the aesthetics or structural integrity of buildings.

Expanding Availability with Brigholme

Canadian businesses can now leverage Connectrac’s innovative cable management solutions with greater ease than ever before. In fact, thanks to Brigholme, the country’s leading dealer of Connectrac products, accessibility for these solutions has been significantly enhanced. Brigholme’s extensive reach empowers clients across Canada to effortlessly procure and install Connectrac systems. Consequently, transforming interior commercial spaces with advanced cable management solutions becomes a streamlined process. This not only simplifies the installation process but also allows businesses to unlock the full potential of Connectrac’s solutions for their workspaces.

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Connectrac’s Product Range

Connectrac’s product lineup caters to diverse needs across various industries, including education, office spaces, retail, finance, government, airports, healthcare, and libraries. No matter the space, Connectrac offers versatile solutions to meet the demands of modern connectivity.

Express Kits

Connectrac Express Kits offer speedy setup for managing power and data cables. These grab-and-go kits come in two options: under carpet tile or on any floor surface. They prioritize convenience without sacrificing performance.

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Under-Carpet Installation

Perfect for carpeted areas, the under-carpet Connectrac Express Kit discreetly integrates into the floor. It accommodates a single power and data point on a single circuit. Additionally, pre-wired power and low-profile transition ramps ensure a sleek and ADA-compliant solution, making it ideal for conference rooms and kiosks.

On-Floor Installation

On the other hand, for locations with various flooring surfaces, the on-floor Express Kit provides a visible yet discreet cable management solution. Moreover, with options for different lengths and the same convenient features as the under-carpet kit, it offers flexibility and functionality for diverse commercial settings.

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Flex Raceway System

For more complex projects, the Flex Raceway System steps in. It’s ideal for situations requiring multiple power/data points and longer cable runs. This modular solution adapts to your specific project requirements. With customizable configurations and entrance options, the Flex Raceway System is perfect for workstations, training rooms, and collaborative spaces.

In conclusion, Connectrac’s innovative cable management solutions redefine efficiency and flexibility in commercial spaces. With Brigholme as the largest Connectrac dealer in Canada, customers nationwide can now experience the benefits of seamless power and data distribution. Revolutionize your space with Connectrac today!