Sustainable Workspaces with Keilhauer

Sustainable Workspaces with Keilhauer

At Brigholme, we’re passionate about creating inspiring and functional work environments for our clients. But functionality shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Keilhauer, a leading furniture manufacturer dedicated to crafting comfortable seating and tables that are as good for your team as they are for the environment.

Keilhauer: A Legacy of Sustainable Practices

Keilhauer has been a leader in sustainable furniture design since 1981.

 Their commitment goes beyond stylish aesthetics. They prioritize responsible sourcing, minimize waste through “closed-loop manufacturing,” and create products built to last – reducing the need for replacements and landfill contributions. This dedication has earned them recognition as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for ten consecutive years – a testament to their ongoing commitment to a sustainable future.

Why Choose Keilhauer Furniture at Brigholme?

Brigholme offers a wide selection of Keilhauer furniture, catering to various office environments. Here’s what sets Keilhauer apart:

Carbon Neutral Products: Keilhauer itself offers numerous carbon neutral products including the Dally, Swurve amongst others. Their Division Twelve line exemplifies their commitment, offering furniture with a minimized environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. They’re constantly expanding this range, ensuring your workspace can be both stylish and sustainable.

Closed-Loop Manufacturing: Keilhauer prioritizes a circular economy. They strive to eliminate waste and integrate recycled materials into production. This not only reduces their environmental footprint but also creates furniture you can feel good about using.

Durable Design: Built to last, Keilhauer furniture features high-quality materials and construction. This ensures years of use, minimizing replacements and landfill waste – a win for your budget and the planet.

End-of-Life Solutions: We understand that even well-made furniture eventually needs replacing. Keilhauer offers programs to help you responsibly dispose of used Keilhauer furniture, ensuring responsible end-of-life practices.

Beyond Furniture: A Commitment to People and Community

Keilhauer’s dedication extends beyond furniture. They actively support communities and promote environmental awareness. They partner with organizations like the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada and donate materials for art programs, fostering creative reuse. Additionally, they participate in local charities and events, making a positive impact beyond the office environment.

Brigholme: Your Sustainable Workspace Partner

At Brigholme, we believe in creating sustainable workspaces that inspire productivity and well-being. By partnering with Keilhauer, we offer furniture solutions that prioritize both comfort and environmental responsibility. Our team of experts can help you select the perfect Keilhauer pieces to create a workspace that reflects your company’s values and commitment to a sustainable future.

Contact Brigholme today to learn more about Keilhauer furniture and how we can help you design a beautiful and sustainable work environment.