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movbeable walls

Moveable Walls

Great spaces begin at the ground level. They look incredible, encourage productivity, and readily adapt as an organization’s needs change. Moveable walls look permanent, but are designed to create a more responsive space and support your changing business needs. A wide range of options are available including wood, glass, frameless glass and fabric finishes.

Freestanding Architectural Workspaces

Designed to support new ways of working. Freestanding architectural workspaces provide flexible, high-performance office workspaces that promote collaboration. Connect, partner, and focus in a broad range of spaces that can be configured and scaled based on performance and application.  From an array of materials, modularity, size options, and customization create the inviting spaces workers crave to keep them engaged.


With proven solutions that range from collaborative to individual environments, our systems empower you with design freedom, integration and scalability.

Options range from conventional planning to full off-modular capabilities while panel configurations vary from fully segmented and stackable to uniform and monolithic. They can be specified in a variety of surface materials including whiteboards, tackable fabrics, and slat walls that incorporate ergonomic work tools.

A sectional couch and an arm chair facing each other across a table


From task chairs to lounge seating, our seating solutions support every application and complement any workspace. Designed to enhance user comfort and performance, our wide variety of intelligently engineered seating is available in extensive fabric and materials offerings. The seating selections are fully customizable, ensuring you get the most out of your intended design.

Desks, Casegoods & Private Offices

Customize and reconfigure your workspace with ease. Brigholme’s desks, casegoods, and private office solutions meet a variety of user needs, from security to scalability. Maximize your investment with our readily integrated lines of office desks solutions, casegoods, shells, and pedestals. Also includes, overhead and under-work surface storage options, cabinets, and mobile accessories. Available in a variety of configurations and sizes, every piece is precision engineered for style and durability. 

Storage & Lockers

Bring your company’s image and workspace organization into tight focus. With endless storage options, our filing, storage, and locker components project a coordinated look throughout your environments. With a breadth of options—legs or glides, choice of painted or perforated steel, woods and translucents, and the ability to mix materials—our filing and storage components project a coordinated look throughout your environments. We have the ability to provide you with custom storage solutions to meet any application—with custom paint matching to ensure colour consistency.


From finely-crafted boardroom tables to sleek, fully-powered training tables, Brigholme offers every kind for your every need. With an exceptional variety of surface choices, edge details, base styles and top shades, our table collection is perfect for customization. From high-end conference rooms to continuously changing meeting rooms, enjoy easy functionality with the ability to flip, store, conceal, connect and plug in effortlessly.



Improve productivity and wellbeing by keeping your workspace bright. The right lighting solutions help create the experience of comfortable, flexible and stimulating working environments. Task lighting, lamps, and overhead lighting features coupled with natural light is the right solution to provide users the perfect amount of light for any task.

Ergonomic Worktools & Accessories

Wherever you work, do it with great ease, efficiency, and ergonomic comfort. Our full lines of ergonomic worktools and accessories allow you to easily customize any worksurface for maximum benefit. Optimize space and support the diverse ways people work with solutions to be more effective, that use adaptable pieces created especially for compact footprints. Accessories offer flexible, light-scale storage, screens, and work tools to create inviting, supportive workspaces.

Privacy Booths

From single phone booths to small meeting rooms, Brigholme provides a full offering of acoustic booth solutions. Independent spaces for brief calls or a quiet space for a meeting, privacy booths provide people a quiet oasis inside busy workspaces. Booths offer motion sensor lighting and are available in a variety of finishes and configurations.

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