The Brigholme Standard

No matter where or how you work, we’ll help you create great spaces.

A Selection of Recent Work

We love what we do, and we think that passion comes through in our work.

To deliver the ultimate in high-performance, flexible and customizable furniture systems, Brigholme carefully considered the future of building construction, design principles, work styles, and organizational cultures. We invite you to browse through a showcase of our recent work.

Different chairs at small tables in a foyer


Air Canada foyer with a small seating area and a secretary desk

Air Canada

Two arm chairs behind a small circle table


Standing table connected to a regular table with several chairs

Ontario Power Generation

SI Systems Case Study Photo

S.I. Systems

Large office space with tables and staircase seating

Spin Master

2020 04 28 - Night-L

Zekelman School of Business and IT

Markets Served

Brigholme has delivered quality projects to customers across many differing markets.

Corporate Environments

Brigholme Interiors Group has helped thousands of organizations, small and large, create their dream workspaces. These projects range from social spaces, to workstations, meeting rooms and so much more.

Long meeting table with lots of office chairs
A large v-shaped table with lots of office chairs facing a monitor on the wall

Education Environments

Brigholme Interiors Group has the products and knowledge to help you create great places to learn. We’ve developed a number of product applications that support activities in learning and teaching environments. We have numerous solutions for classrooms, lounge areas, cafeterias and learning labs.

Government Environments

The Brigholme team understands the buying processes and requirements at all levels of government and we can help make it smooth and seamless. Let us help you create the kinds of spaces that your workers need to keep our ministries and municipalities running strong.

Desks with monitors and office chairs with large windows in the background
Nurse walking through a hallway into a seating area

Healthcare Environments

Healthcare is all about balance. It’s about creating a supportive environment where patients can feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues with providers and family. Whether it is cultivating a healing culture or making your facility more efficient for providers—we can help transform how you deliver patient care.

Looking To Create An Inspiring Workspace?