Sheridan Student Union Case Study

Davis Campus: Student Center

Client Profile

Since 1975, the Sheridan Student Union (SSU) has served the Sheridan student community. With a simple yet powerful mission: to create an exceptional student experience through student-focused programs, services and advocacy. This translates into support for clubs on campus, events, resources for students, graduation photos and more.

They go beyond providing services, however. The SSU also takes on the vital role of advocating and being the voice for Sheridan students. This commitment is driven by their vision: to empower our student community to succeed in a changing world. Sheridan Student Union Case Study

Project Scope

Within this project, we successfully delivered a variety of ancillary furniture pieces tailored to meet the diverse needs of students before the grand opening of the student center. Furthermore, the furniture selected for the Student Union was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing the facility to re-arrange the layout as required. This adaptability was crucial as the space is used for multiple functions, necessitating frequent changes in the arrangement of the furniture.

We addressed the needs of the learning environment which serves as a hub for collaboration, relaxation, and socialization. To achieve this, we began by understanding the needs of the spaces and selecting the right furniture to support the activities. We looked at furniture to accommodate various postures allowing students to work or relax comfortably. We also considered furniture that caters to different group sizes with options for both individual study and group discussions. By following these considerations, we created an environment for Sheridan College that is conducive to learning and relaxation, enhancing the overall student experience.

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The Den
Study Area


Area: 70,000SF
Landlord: Sheridan College Institute of Technology Advanced Learning

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Air Canada foyer with a small seating area and a secretary desk

Air Canada

Two arm chairs behind a small circle table


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Spin Master

Standing table connected to a regular table with several chairs

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Large office space with tables and staircase seating

Spin Master

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