Revolutionize Your Space with Spaceti Analytics

Revolutionize Your Space with Spaceti Analytics

In today’s dynamic work environment, flexibility and adaptability play a crucial role. With the evolution of hybrid work models and the demand for safe and efficient office spaces, traditional approaches to workspace management no longer meet the requirements. Spaceti’s revolutionary occupancy analytics technology addresses this challenge. Spaceti enables organizations to make intelligent decisions about their space utilization and design, empowering them to stay ahead.

Accessing Real-Time Insights

Spaceti’s occupancy analytics provide real-time and long-term data on workspace, meeting room, and room occupancy. Organizations that use this data might obtain significant insights into how their facilities are used, allowing them to improve design and allocate resources more effectively.

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Data-Driven Decision-Making

In today’s era, organizations have moved beyond relying on intuition or guesswork for decision-making. Instead, they recognize the value of data-driven approaches. With Spaceti, organizations can gather and analyze occupancy data to gain valuable insights into how people utilize the office at various times during the day or week. As a result, organizations are empowered to make well-informed decisions about space management and layout enhancements.

Flexible Space Management

Another key advantage offered by Spaceti’s occupancy analytics is the ability to adapt and repurpose unoccupied spaces. By identifying which sections of the workplace are underutilized, companies can strategically rearrange their workspace to better align with the needs of their employees. Consequently, this flexibility promotes a more efficient and productive work environment.


Ensuring Workplace Safety

In the era of social distancing and heightened health concerns, monitoring office occupancy is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment. Spaceti enables organizations to track occupancy levels in real time and implement measures to ensure safe distances between individuals.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By utilizing occupancy analytics, organizations have the opportunity to enhance their real estate footprint and save money. This is done by identifying unused facilities. Furthermore, Spaceti’s alert system can notify cleaning teams when rooms become vacant, effectively streamlining operations and boosting efficiency.


Brigholme, the leading provider of workplace solutions, takes pride in offering its clients access to Spaceti’s advanced occupancy analytics technology. Moreover, this revolutionary software, combined with Brigholme’s expertise, allows organizations to transform their workspaces into dynamic and data-driven environments.

By integrating Spaceti’s occupancy analytics technology, organizations can revolutionize their workspace management practices. Firstly, through utilizing real-time data insights, they can optimize space utilization, improve workplace safety, and realize a rapid return on investment. Notably, Brigholme, as your trusted partner, will guide you in unlocking the full potential of Spaceti’s technology. By doing so, you can create a smarter and more efficient workspace for the future.