Vitra Spotlight

Vitra Spotlight

Transforming Spaces

In the world of design, few names resonate as powerfully as Vitra. Vitra is a trailblazing company with a legacy dating back to 1953. As part of our “Handled by Henderson” series, we are thrilled to introduce Vitra. A brand that has not only shaped the evolution of furniture but has also become synonymous with innovative design, environmental consciousness, and the fusion of workspaces and public places.

A Journey Rooted in Friendship and Innovation

In 1953, Willi Fehlbaum discovered the iconic chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames during a trip to the USA. This encounter sparked the inception of Vitra as a furniture manufacturer, and a lasting friendship with the Eames duo was born. Over the decades, Vitra has collaborated closely with the world’s most influential designers, resulting in timeless classics that continue to inspire and move us.

Authors of Design: A Unique Approach

Vitra works with independent “authors”—designers, architects, and graphic artists. Each infusing their personal imprint and outlook into every product. This distinctive approach sets Vitra apart, as the collaboration between the designer and Vitra is a joint quest for an optimal solution, not a traditional client-contractor relationship.

Shaping Environments, Nurturing Design

At Vitra, the belief is that environments shape thoughts and feelings, whether at home, work, or on the go. This third generation family business, follows a mission that encompasses environmental responsibility, cultural enrichment, and commercial success. To illustrate this, the Vitra Campus and the Vitra Design Museum stand as testament to this commitment. Inspiring visitors and employees alike, fostering an understanding of design’s role in shaping our future.

Soft Work – Transforming Workspaces for the Modern Era

In a world where workspaces are evolving rapidly, Vitra introduces Soft Work—a revolutionary system designed by Barber and Osgerby. This innovative approach recognizes the transformation of public spaces into workspaces and vice versa. Soft Work challenges traditional office structures, offering a versatile platform where table workstations are focused around a seating landscape.

“The workstation is going the same way as the dining room – it’s disappearing as an archetype. The desk has had its day. With mobile technology, you need a place to sit occasionally, or a comfortable place to hang out. That’s our belief,” say Barber and Osgerby. Soft Work provides ergonomic seating options, practical table surfaces, power outlets, charging stations. Additionally, it has the flexibility to create diverse arrangements, redefining the dynamics of contemporary workspaces.

In brief, as Vitra becomes an integral part of the Henderson Resource Group and Brigholme portfolio, we invite you to explore the transformative power of design. Stay tuned for more features that bring innovation, sustainability, and excellence to your spaces.

Discover Vitra’s extended product offerings through Brigholme’s My Resource Library page.