NaughtOne Spotlight

NaughtOne Spotlight

Empower Your Spaces

In the world of modern furniture, NaughtOne emerges as a pioneer, crafting spaces that blend good design, craftsmanship, and a commitment to people and the planet. As part of our “Handled by Henderson” series, we proudly present NaughtOne. An embodiment of absolute simplicity and infinite possibility, offering a blank canvas for clients to express their identity.

Where Simplicity Meets Versatility

First, NaughtOne’s ethos revolves around keeping things simple, allowing for infinite possibilities. Headquartered in the UK, NaughtOne designs, manufactures, and sells furniture across the globe, with a focus on good design, craftsmanship, and a commitment to people and the planet.

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Absolute Simplicity – Infinite Possibility

NaughtOne’s products transcend mere furniture; instead, they embody consideration, distillation, and striking simplicity—a blank canvas that empowers clients with flexibility and choice to curate unique and beautiful spaces. Moreover, the extensive utilization of color, fabric, and finishes offers a high level of customizability.

Designed for People, Anchored in Passion

NaughtOne’s business ethos passionately centers around people and the planet. Every product created serves people, enabling them to work, create, collaborate, and interact in more meaningful ways each day. Moreover, furniture is viewed as a tool that fosters connections, nurturing closer relationships.

Pippin: A Refreshing Presence in Modern Design

Meet Pippin, the epitome of NaughtOne’s dedication to timeless design and enduring value. This single-seat, cone-shaped lounge chair blends mid-century style with a pared-down, timeless aesthetic. Moreover, compact yet robust and stable, Pippin encourages extended interactions and conversations with its upholstered comfort and cupped support.

Unlike other flexible, movable furniture that might feel impermanent, Pippin distinguishes itself with its refreshing sense of presence. Positioned on wheels with a convenient strap handle, it offers mobility without sacrificing comfort. Additionally, the tailored, zip-on, zip-off cover adds a sophisticated touch, available in NaughtOne’s extensive selection of fabrics and finishes.

Therefore, we invite you to explore the simplicity, versatility, and enduring style that embody NaughtOne’s philosophy. Stay tuned for more features that bring innovation and excellence to your spaces.

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