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Brigholme has entered a Joint Venture with Onaki Creations

We are very proud to announce that Brigholme Interiors Group has partnered with an Indigenous firm, ONAKÌ CREATIONS. We have formed an Aboriginal Joint Venture under the name of ‘‘ONAKÌ Creations S.E.N.C., Brigholme Interiors Group, in Joint Venture’’ (Onakì-Brigholme JV for short). To view the website devoted to this joint venture, click here.  Onaki-Brigholme Joint Venture is now offering national coverage including Pacific, Western, Ontario, National Capital Region, Quebec and Atlantic Regions.

OnakÌ is Registered as an Indigenous Business and is a dynamic consulting and project management firm providing goods and professional services to Clients who require expertise and leadership. Established in 2015, Onaki is a creative agency helping Indigenous communities and organizations, the private sector and the Federal Government

Onaki Certified Aboriginal business certification

Our new partnership is a testament to Brigholme’s commitment to foster meaningful relationships with indigenous communities. Brigholme ONAKI JV understands the principles of interdependence, reciprocity, and mutual support. Our partnership hopes to create captivating workspaces for our clients.

We look forward to providing excellent services to corporations and the federal, provincial, and municipal governments under our current JV.